Slideshow – Darko Urban Garden

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Darko Urban Garden was a project done as part of the Show and Tell: Multi-media cross training course conducted by Big Shed and the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. In teams of two, Brooke Darrah Schuman on audio and myself on photography, we had a 1/2 day to go out and cover a story and produce a slideshow. Our slideshows were limited to 60 seconds. We met Rochelle Sparko and her husband who had just started a community supported agricultural project in downtown Durham, NC.

California Phenology Project

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Imagine, using plants to measure the effects of climate change. That’s exactly what the California Phenology Project (CPP) aims to do. A collaborative project between the National Park Service, the University of California, Santa Barbara and the USA-National Phenology Network has teamed up to engage organizations and individuals to participate in collecting information on specific species of plants. I recently attended one of their workshops… check out the slideshow to see and hear what I experienced. To get more information about CPP visit:

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